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Gallery Originals

"Gallery" streaming platform presents "Gallery Originals" series and documentaries featuring the most important names in world architecture and design. These exclusive contents provide a deep and accessible look into the world of architecture and design, exploring the creative process and the stories behind some of the world's most iconic projects.

With a world-class production team and a top-notch list of guests including architects, designers, curators, and thinkers, "Gallery Originals" offers viewers a unique perspective on the world of architecture and design. The series and documentaries showcase a wide range of projects, from historic buildings to cutting-edge designs, and provide a glimpse into the impact architecture and design have on the world around us.

If you're passionate about architecture and design or simply looking to understand more about the world around us, "Gallery Originals" is the perfect choice. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the universe of architecture and design with some of the industry's most important names. Subscribe to "Gallery" today and enjoy unlimited access to "Gallery Originals."

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