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Hello, Gallery community!

We are incredibly excited to share with you what we have planned for 2024. This year promises to be revolutionary for all of us passionate about architecture, art, and design. We have worked tirelessly to bring productions that not only enchant but also inspire and educate. And now, it's time to reveal what's coming!

The Perfect Collection by Vasco Vieira

Prepare to be transported to the world of luxury with Vasco Vieira. "The Perfect Collection by Vasco Vieira" is not just a series about architecture; it is an exploration of luxury in its most artistic and elegant form. Vasco Vieira is recognized for his projects that are true works of art, where form intertwines with innovation and functionality. The documentary is a journey through the backstage of his creations, offering a unique view of how architecture can elevate the luxury experience to an entirely new level.

Fran Silvestre

Next, travel with us to Spain to meet the work of Fran Silvestre. Known for his bold and futuristic style, the Fran Silvestre architectural firm redefines the boundaries of modern design. The documentary presents an intimate look at how the firm blends art, technique, and functionality to create structures that are true works of art.

The Art of Design

But it doesn't stop there. "The Art of Design" is a visual journey that celebrates diversity and innovation in the world of interior design. Follow renowned Brazilian designers as they share their inspirations, challenges, and the secrets behind their most iconic projects. This series is a true visual feast and a source of inspiration for all design lovers.

The Documentary of Frank Gehry

And finally, the most awaited of all: the exclusive documentary about Frank Gehry, the genius behind some of the most incredible constructions of the modern world. This documentary is a tribute to the life and work of Gehry, exploring his innovative creative process and the lasting influence of his iconic structures. A must-see for everyone who loves architecture.

We are proud to present these productions and eager to share them with you. Stay tuned, as 2024 will be a year of endless discoveries and inspirations at Gallery!


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