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Gallery + Dell Anno: A Collaborative Showcase of Design Excellence

Gallery, the premier platform for design and architecture enthusiasts, is proud to announce its groundbreaking partnership with Dell Anno in the production of "The Art of Design." This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the realm of co-creation, showcasing Dell Anno as a prime example of excellence and innovation in design.

Dell Anno's design integrated with projects by the country's leading architects and designers.

From the initial stages of project curation, Dell Anno has played a pivotal role in shaping the vision of "The Art of Design." Their unwavering trust and close collaboration have empowered Gallery to develop a personalized project that effectively communicates key brand values in a qualitative, discreet, yet highly impactful manner.

Gallery provides Dell Anno with a unique platform to conceptualize its products through the visual and narrative endorsement of the series' architects, crafting spaces that serve as objects of desire and inspiration for the audience. By aligning the editorial quality of the platform with such significant projects, Dell Anno not only enhances its product positioning in a competitive and qualified market but also contributes to the internationalization of the brand, leveraging Gallery's diverse and global audience.

Edson Busin, Marketing Director of UNICASA, the parent company of Dell Anno, emphasizes the brand's commitment to excellence: "Our dedication is to bring good architecture to the world, and our partnership with Gallery exemplifies this dedication. Together, we aim to showcase the best of Brazilian design and inspire audiences worldwide."

Rodrigo Silva, Marketing Manager at Dell Anno, further underscores the significance of this collaboration: "Gallery's platform offers us a unique opportunity to connect with a global audience and communicate our brand values authentically. Through 'The Art of Design,' we can showcase our commitment to innovation and quality in the most compelling way possible."

Interaction with the product is natural and always with a narrative purpose.

"The Art of Design" embarks on a journey across Brazil, highlighting unforgettable projects that embody beauty, functionality, and sophistication in architecture and design. With each episode, viewers are treated to new inspiration, unique spaces, and unmissable projects that underscore the crucial role of design in shaping our living spaces and urban landscapes.

In the premiere episode, viewers will be introduced to two remarkable projects by Léo Shehtman and Laura Rocha, offering a glimpse into the world of contemporary architecture where creativity and excellence converge to create memorable spaces.

Gallery is thrilled to partner with Dell Anno in championing Brazilian design excellence on a global stage. Don't miss the premiere of "The Art of Design" as we celebrate the power of collaboration, creativity, and innovation in design.

The first episode of "The Art of Design" is available for streaming exclusively on Gallery!


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