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MCM Stone Tailors Spearheads Brand Connectivity on Gallery with Gallery Ads

MCM Stone Tailors, a powerhouse in the natural stone market, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and luxury design, takes center stage as it partners with Gallery to introduce an innovative solution – Gallery Ads.

Gallery Ads, the brainchild of Gallery's commitment to fostering tangible brand connections, marks a pivotal moment for MCM Stone Tailors and other select partners. This advertising feature allows brands to directly engage with Gallery's discerning audience, composed of industry decision-makers, leaders and professionals.

Augusto Custodio, the Creative Director of Gallery, underscores the meticulous curation process guiding brand partnerships. He emphasizes the imperative alignment of partner brands' values, language, and positioning with Gallery's ethos, ensuring relevance to the platform's audience despite commercial insertions.

The Perfect Collection is Gallery's first original production to enable Gallery Ads

The debut of Gallery Ads, premiering alongside "The Perfect Collection - The Architecture of Vasco Vieira" documentary series, not only reinforces the platform's commitment to material authenticity but also presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands to align with industry luminaries. The timeless elegance of Vasco Vieira's architecture seamlessly intertwines with MCM Stone Tailors' offerings, creating a compelling narrative for viewers.

Timelessness, refinement and luxury are pillars of Vasco Vieira's architecture

Beyond mere advertising, Gallery Ads facilitate the representation of brands alongside renowned names on a platform of unmatched visibility, accentuating their stature within the industry.

MCM Stone Tailors' selection for this pioneering initiative speaks volumes about its reputation as a trailblazer in the natural stone market. With its dedication to innovation, craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness, MCM Stone Tailors embodies the essence of Gallery's mission to connect brands with the foremost names in the industry.

The curation process is essencial in understanding the best way to represent the brand

About MCM Stone Tailors: MCM Stone Tailors stands as a paragon of excellence in the natural stone market, leveraging its expertise and commitment to luxury design to shape highly customized architecture and design projects. Each project undertaken by MCM Stone Tailors reveals the finest version of natural stones, exemplifying their unique beauty and unparalleled quality.


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