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New season of Architects brings together the biggest names in Brazilian architecture

The award-winning original production Gallery, the series Architects announces its second season, titled "Architects Brazil," a continuation of the successful first season launched in Portugal, which featured iconic figures such as the Portuguese master and Pritzker Prize winner, Álvaro Siza Vieira, as well as internationally renowned architects like Manuel Aires Mateus, Carlos Castanheira, and Mário Martins.

In this second season, the focus shifts to Brazil, bringing together an impressive cast, including names that are references in both national and international architectural scenes. Among the highlighted architects in the series are Márcio Kogan, leading Studio MK27, Fernanda Marques, Arthur Casas, and Paulo and Bernardo Jacobsen, from Jacobsen Arquitetura. Additionally, the TETRO Arquitetura firm, composed of architects Carlos Maia, Débora Mendes, and Igor Macedo, will also be featured in the series.

Augusto Custodio, the series director, emphasizes that the series not only celebrates the genius of these architects but also plays a fundamental role in the internationalization of Brazilian architecture. He points out: "We believe 'Architects Brazil' has a crucial role in projecting the work of these renowned offices to the world. This series not only highlights the excellence and innovation present in Brazilian architecture but also opens doors for greater international visibility, consolidating a new level for the highly traditional market."

He further states: "This series is a unique opportunity for partner brands of these great architects to strengthen their position as promoters of art and culture initiatives. Being inserted in a narrative context, without commercial bias, allows these brands to connect authentically with the audience, while supporting and promoting the creative richness present in Brazilian architecture."

The selected projects will also showcase all the beauty and diversity of the Brazilian territory.

Gabriel Alves, the series editor-in-chief, shares Augusto Custodio's vision and emphasizes the unique approach adopted in the production of "Architects Brazil." He explains: "The choice to tell the story of each of these architects in unique and individualized episodes allows the series to deeply explore the essence and personality of each office. This is reflected not only in the chosen projects but also in the narratives that reside within each of them. It's an opportunity to dive deeply into the trajectory and legacy of these professionals, capturing not only their works but also their inspirations and motivations."

"Architects Brazil" promises to offer a unique immersion into the minds and creative processes of these talented architects, capturing not only their architectural masterpieces but also the stories and inspirations behind them. The series will be a celebration of the diversity and innovation that characterize the Brazilian architectural panorama. The third season of Architects has already been confirmed and will enter pre-production in 2024, titled "Architects France."

For more information about the series "Architects Brazil," click here.


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