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A Gallery Original Series
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By Mário Martins

The Architecture of Sensations is an exclusive series about the work, identity and essence of the Portuguese architect Mário Martins. An architecture expressed through sensoriality, purpose and the materialization of emotions. An intimate portrait of a language of passion, for the purity of the details, the truth expressed in the lines and the complexity of life.

2022 |L| 1 season | Architecture Documentary Series

Mário Martins is an architectural poet and his work dominates some of the most beautiful landscapes in southern Portugal.

In each episode, Architecture of Sensations reveals a different project by Mário Martins, with its own particularities, concepts and challenges. Mário is an architect who puts a special passion into his architecture. Each project has a unique essence that makes its architectural language sensitive and expressive, each chapter has a unique narrative structure, designed to better communicate Mário's creative processes and the soul of the designed home.


Mário's architecture is full of sensory details, it's a journey of feelings and emotions. Through the lines, he writes poetry that connects with the Portuguese landscape. Designing a house goes beyond technique and construction skills. There is something special that translates a language of sensations. And that is the question about Mário Martins' architecture. In 5 episodes, discover the work of one of the most respected Portuguese architects.

The Architecture of Sensations Mario Martins

The architecture of sensations goes beyond the technical details and skills of a professional, it is a process that involves the soul.

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