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A Gallery Original Series


The Architecture of Vasco Vieira

Beauty is a paradox. Fleeting, but always eternal. So close, but always unreachable. Of a platonic, theoretical, impossible kind. To try to translate it is to seek perfection. And few architects translate this pursuit of perfection like Vasco Vieira. Directed by "SIZA" director Augusto Custodio, this documentary takes us on a journey through Portugal to see some of the most incredible residential projects in modern architecture. The Perfect Collection explores the intimate relationship of one of the most influential Portuguese architects of our time with beauty, luxury and, most importantly, perfection.

2024   | L |    Architecture Documentary

The documentary explores how Vasco Vieira uses the natural landscape as a starting point for his projects, creating spaces that integrate harmoniously with the environment.

In architecture, beauty and luxury often go together. However, true beauty is one that is able to incorporate respect for nature, creating a perfect symbiosis between the building and the environment. This is where the exclusivity of unique architecture comes in, which is not only able to meet the needs of its owners, but also integrates harmoniously with the natural surroundings, creating exclusive and unique spaces that are true masterpieces. When luxury and exclusivity are achieved without compromising respect for nature, the result is a truly exceptional architecture, capable of inspiring and enchanting.


Vasco Vieira is a Portuguese architect with a high international reputation. With a degree in architecture from Lisbon's Lusíada University, Vasco Vieira is known for designing luxury homes with a contemporary and elegant design that enhance the region's natural landscape.Vasco Vieira has also designed several luxury villas in gated communities in the Algarve, including the prestigious Quinta do Lago complex. Using high-quality materials and advanced technologies, these homes offer maximum comfort and privacy to their owners.


The documentary presents stunning images of Vasco Vieira's works, highlighting the way they merge with the surrounding nature.

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