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Gallery and Casa da Arquitectura Host Exclusive Launch Event for the Documentary "SIZA"

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The event, held on June 25th, celebrated the 90th birthday of architect Álvaro Siza and welcomed hundreds of attendees who filled the auditorium where the documentary was screened.

[Matosinhos, Portugal] – Gallery, a global streaming platform for art, architecture and design, joined forces with Casa da Arquitectura, a renowned architecture institution, to present an exclusive event commemorating the premiere of the highly anticipated documentary, "SIZA." The event, held on June 25th, celebrated the 90th birthday of architect Álvaro Siza and welcomed hundreds of attendees who filled the auditorium where the documentary was screened. The distinguished presence of Portugal's Minister of Culture and representatives from various government entities added to the significance of the occasion.

Televised speeches from Portugal's President and Prime Minister during the event added a further layer of significance, as they delivered messages emphasizing the profound impact of Álvaro Siza's contributions to Portuguese architecture and cultural heritage. His excellency, the President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, highlighted the significance of the documentary "SIZA" and recognized the role of Gallery's production platform in preserving and promoting the legacy of Álvaro.

Augusto Custodio, Director of Global Productions at Gallery's streaming platform, opened the event, setting the stage for an extraordinary evening. The documentary's director emphasized the importance of Álvaro Siza's story for future generations, stating, "'SIZA' goes beyond his works. It delves deeply into the man himself." Gabriel Alves, Editor in Chief of Gallery Productions, who was also present at the event, reflected on the challenges of the project, remarking, "Ninety years of life captured in sixty minutes. It offers an intimate look into Siza's journey and how his personal life shaped his professional trajectory."

The choice of Casa da Arquitectura as the venue for this event was particularly significant, underscoring the institution's pivotal role in preserving architectural heritage and promoting architectural engagement. As a testament to the enduring legacy of "SIZA," the documentary's archive was generously donated to Casa da Arquitectura for research, studies, and consultation purposes, ensuring that this valuable material will be safeguarded for future generations.

Gallery, as a proponent of architecture, design, and art, played a pivotal role in bringing this event to life. Through its unique platform, Gallery showcases and preserves history, providing a global repository of captivating content. The documentary "SIZA" is a testament to this commitment, offering a profound insight into the life and work of Álvaro Siza.

As the evening concluded, attendees left with a deeper appreciation for the impact of Álvaro Siza's contributions to architecture and the preservation of cultural heritage. The event served as a catalyst for future discussions and collaborations that will continue to shape the architectural landscape.

The documentary "SIZA" will now enter an international circuit, with exclusive previews scheduled for the United States, Brazil, Chile, Europe, Korea and China. Backstage material from the documentary will also be adapted for an itinerant exhibition to be shown in various art and culture centers around the world, with dates to be announced soon.

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About Casa da Arquitectura: (Learn more here)

Casa da Arquitectura is a renowned institution dedicated to promoting, studying, and preserving architectural heritage. With a mission to engage the public in architecture, Casa da Arquitectura organizes exhibitions, conferences, and educational programs to showcase the transformative power of architecture.

Photos: Ivo tavares Studio @ivotavaresstudio

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Amazing! When will the documentary be available for streaming?

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