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The Art of Design
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A Gallery Original Series

The Art of Design

The Art of Design is an exclusive documentary series that highlights the beauty, functionality and sophistication of unique projects, through an exclusive selection based on the creative and functional use of spaces. 

The Art of Design has its narrative focused on the essence of the project, a translation of its concepts, the bases of its conception and the creative process behind its main particularities.

Exploring the most different profiles, we seek a plurality of concepts that demonstrate projects closely linked to the pillars of design, with solutions designed to give functionality and personality to each environment. With each new episode, new inspirations, unique spaces and unmissable projects.


The narrative pillars are the regional and geographical contextualization of the space and the exploration of its surroundings, reinforcing the expression of an architecture based on regionalism and unique cultural identities. These references are translated through the visual interpretation of the house, with the relationship between the architect and the space.

The Art of Design

With each new episode, new inspirations, unique spaces and unmissable projects.

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Through exclusive titles and a highly cinematographic language, Gallery is an initiative that transcends traditional media formats, communicating art in a highly disruptive and impactful form, allowing us to explore new dynamics of communication, interaction and content creation. 

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