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A Gallery Original Series


"The Art of Design" is a series that focuses on the beauty, functionality, and sophistication, highlighting the creative and functional use of spaces. With an exclusive selection that spans a wide range of concepts, the series emphasizes designs intimately linked to the pillars of design, offering solutions designed to provide functionality and personality to each environment. In each episode, viewers will have access to new inspirations, unique spaces, and must-see projects.

2024 |L| 1 season | Architecture Documentary Series

New episode every month

"The Art of Design" aims to spark important reflections on the meaning of design in our daily lives and its interconnection with the environment, cities, and communities. Through captivating storytelling and insightful exploration, the series investigates the relationship between projects and their surroundings, emphasizing the crucial role of design in shaping our living spaces and urban landscapes.

The series will present, over its 10 episodes, an exclusive selection of projects, showcasing the sophistication of architecture and design that involve the industry. Each chapter highlights a distinct project, revealing creative and functional uses of spaces, offering valuable decorating tips, and highlighting the potential of furniture in composing a wide variety of projects.

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The Art of Design has its narrative focused on the essence of the project, a translation of its concepts, the bases of its conception and the creative process behind its main particularities.

Our curatorial approach emphasizes the inclusion of diverse projects linked to sustainability, showcasing the growing importance of environmentally conscious practices in the design and architecture industry. By presenting innovative and eco-friendly design solutions, "The Art of Design" seeks to inspire viewers to consider the environmental impact of their design choices and encourages a more sustainable approach to urban development and living.

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